WiebeTech launches Fourth Generation write-blocked Forensic SATADock
v4 field imager

WICHITA, KS – August 29, 2006 – WiebeTech has launched its new Fourth
Generation Forensic SATADock v4
(http://www.wiebetech.com/products/forensicsatadock.php) with
enhanced write-block technology that allows investigators to image
suspect SATA drives through USB as well as FireWire 800 (400

The new Forensic SATADock also has more LED indicators to monitor
operations, including an indicator that assures users that
write-block technology is active and protecting the data.

The Forensic SATADock v4 (part # FSDKV4) is priced at $399.95 and is
now shipping.

“We’re offering forensic examiners more versatility by offering
write-blocked access through USB as well as FireWire; and because the
new Forensic SATADock v4 is based on the Oxford 924 chip, FireWire
transfer rates are really fast,” said James Wiebe, president of
WiebeTech LLC.

WiebeTech’s series of Forensic DriveDocks allows forensic examiners
to download and image contents of a suspect drive in the field or lab
without risk of data being written back to the drive and is fully
compatible with forensic acquisition and analysis software.

A Fourth Generation
(http://www.wiebetech.com/products/ForensicComboDock.php) Forensic
ComboDock v4 and (http://www.wiebetech.com/products/fonbp.php)
Forensic Notebook DriveDock v4 are also available.

The Fourth Generation Forensic Docks are loaded with other
indicators: FireWire attached, USB attached, +12V input jack active,
disk drive power input jack active and +5V/+12V output active.

In addition, they offer multiple powering options. The Forensic
SATADock v4 can be attached to any SATA drive and powered via a +12V
adapter (included) or via a standard disk drive 4-pin molex power
source. It even has an on/off switch for safe drive power up and
power down and a switch guard to prevent accidentally turning off the

Complete information on the new Forensic SATADock v4 is available
here (http://www.wiebetech.com/products/forensicsatadock.php)

The Forensic SATADock v4 continues the WiebeTech tradition of rugged
aluminum design for toughest durability.

Dealers may purchase WiebeTech products from Synnex or Dr. Bott. End
users may purchase from PCMall, MacMall or PC Connection. Government
customers are encouraged to purchase from Lyme Computer, CDW-G or

All products are available directly from WiebeTech at

About WiebeTech

WiebeTech LLC was founded in July 2000 by James Wiebe and has focused
on marketing high performance, highly portable storage solutions for
consumer and government markets.