A new survey from Produxs (www.produxs.com) — “champions of user-experience design solutions for mobile, web and e-commerce” — reveals high expectations for Windows 8 among application technologists, including software developers, web application designers and mobile software vendors.

In its survey, Produxs polled a nationwide base of customers, experts and partners among device manufacturers, e-commerce enterprises, social networks and software providers. Responses include:

° The new operating system’s most beneficial features most mentioned in the survey include backward compatibility, quick startup and seamless touch functions.

° 60 % of people surveyed cited the fresh and fluid approach to interface design as what they liked best about Windows 8.

° 63% of developers are confident Win8 can compete with Apple iOS.

° By a margin greater than two to one (50% to 24%), respondents are excited about the launch of Windows 8.

° 81% of respondents indicated that Windows 8 is “important” or “very important” to their mobile strategy.

° 48% of responders expected consumers to be “excited” or “very excited” about the capabilities of Windows 8.

° Backwards compatibility is the top concern, cited by 34% of respondents.