“Men’s Fitness,” a men’s lifestyle magazine, has released its first, free, single-topic, custom publication digital magazine app for the iPad.

The “Complete Sports Training Guide” is the first Digi-Mag from “Men’s Fitness” that will be released on the iPad, presenting users with interactive content on fitness and nutrition. The Digi-Mag, sponsored by PowerAde Zero will include features that will coach users on methods to increase their level of athleticism.  Jay Cardiello, celebrity fitness trainer and Powerade partner, is showcased in the Digi-Mag — presenting users with videos, statistics, and text-based content to improve their physique.

The Digi-Mag consists of fresh editorial content specially developed for a specific consumer interest by creating a user experience in a one-of-a-kind format that is different from full length digital magazines, says Men’s Fitness Publisher Larry Menkes. Not only is the app cost-free, but it downloads quickly and is easy to navigate, he says.

The Digi-Mag application also offers an interactive tool called the “virtual strength test,” designed to monitor training progress and track fitness routines for its users. Consumers will be able to “like” or “tweet” about it directly to the PowerAde Zero Facebook and Twitter fan pages.

Beginning April 21, consumers can register for the 3rd annual Men’s Fitness Ultimate Athlete event, taking place in Chicago on June 18th. Those who register via the Digi-Mag application will receive Jay Cardiello’s personal training tips designed specifically for the event’s athletic challenges.