The Apple-Samsung patent battle/trial is underway. Following is some of the latest highlights and where you can find more info.

“Samsung’s trial lawyers have a propensity to engage in conduct that they later have to explain to the court. It’s really strange that this always happens to them, and never to Apple’s counsel.” — “FOSS Patents” (

“Samsung may struggle to convince the jury that the Galaxy Tab isn’t a copy of the iPad, given that, according to an internal Samsung documents, over half of viewers seeing its TV commercials assumed the ad was for the iPad. According to the report, only 16% of viewers thought that the commercial was for Samsung. — “Macworld UK” (

“In addition to becoming the youngest woman win tenure at Harvard, running Michael Dukakis’ presidential campaign, writing more than half a dozen books (most recently “Soulless: Ann Coulter and the Right-Wing Church of Hate”) and doing token liberal commentary for Fox News, Susan Estrich has, since 2008, been a partner at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, the law firm defending Samsung in Apple’s multibillion dollar patent infringement suit.” — “Fortune” (

“The most intriguing aspect of the Apple-Samsung mega-trial is the number of amazing revelations about ideas the secretive Cupertino company has considered.” — “CNNMoney (

This is all part of the ongoing, global legal battle. Apple and Samsung have filed more than 30 lawsuits against each other across four continents. For example, Apple alleges that Samsung copied the slide-to-unlock technology of its iPhone and iPad devices.