Luxology ( is offering texture painting tutorials for modo 601. Modo users can train themselves in the art of texture painting through a set of brand new video tutorials taught by Richard Yot.

The project-based lessons demonstrate how to use modo’s paint tools, Shader Tree, and the Preview Renderer to produce custom photorealistic textures for a tree frog, a corroded oil drum and a classic leather chair. This downloadable course features nearly four hours of video content and includes six LXO files and 62 assorted images, comprising of the most comprehensive guide to modo painting that has ever been released. The tutorials are available now in the Luxology store and are priced at US$35.

Yot is a London-based illustrator who creates characters and worlds for them to inhabit. Last year, he used his years of painting, photography, and 3D experience to write a practical guide to light for both traditional and digital artists. T

Modo is 3D modeling, painting, rendering, and animation software. It’s compatible with Mac OS X and Windows systems.