Sony Creative Software (, a
provider of professional video and audio production applications, has
released 1,000 Ringtones, a DVD containing ringtones grouped into
three categories: music, sound effects, and spoken words and phrases.

Users can select tones for incoming calls, emails and text messages.
Developed for iPhone users, the 1,000 ringtone files are included on
the DVD in the .m4r and .mp3 formats, and are ready for immediate use
without any additional fees, downloads or editing after the initial
product purchase. To install, iPhone users can load the DVD, audition
ringtones and then move selected ringtones into iTunes for
synchronization with their iPhone. The DVD includes a tutorial video
that demonstrates these steps.

1,000 Ringtones is now available for purchase at retailers nationwide
and online at the Sony Creative Software site. The manufacturer’s
suggested retail price is US$19.95.