REALbasic 2.1a21 is now available at

REAL Software is pleased to announce the latest development release of
REALbasic 2.1a21. These alpha releases are for testing purposes only and
are not considered the current release of REALbasic. Projects saved in
alpha releases of 2.1 cannot be opened in REALbasic 2.0.2. You should not
use alpha releases for mission-critical development.

Bug fixes in this release:
* [Bug] No longer crashes when running PPC or 68k target builds; Win32
target still works as well; This bug was introduced in a20;
* [Bug] Win32 password EditControls now work
* [Bug] Mac EditControl now updates immediately if user changes from no
password to password mode
* [Bug] Win32 Date class updates without showing debugging dialog; this bug
was introduced in a20

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