Zevrix Solutions has released BatchOutput DOC 2, which provides
solutions for demanding enterprise and office publishing environments
through automation of printing and PDF output.

With BatchOutput DOC, users only need to select the files they wish
to output and adjust the settings, and BatchOutput will do the rest
automatically. It can run in the background, so users can output
large jobs without monopolizing a workstation.

The new version introduces the solutions designed to automate,
simplify and streamline the direct PDF output from Microsoft Word:
the abilityt to split multi-page Word documents into single page PDF
files; the ability to assign variable output file names that can
include page number, user name, date and other value; the ability to
reduce PDF file size and optimize documents for various purposes; the
ability to apply the Mac OS X Quartz Filters; the ability to encrypt
and password protect PDF documents using various levels of security;
and the ability to define output folders and save the favorites ones
for instant access.

BatchOutput DOC can automatically process thousands of documents
saving users the time and hassle of outputting each file manually.
And the new PDF production solutions make the software equally
indispensable for exporting of single Word files as well.

BatchOutput DOC 2.0 runs on Mac OS X 10.4.2 or later and works with
Microsoft Word 2008. It costs US$34.95 and can be purchased from the
Zevrix Solutions web site, http://zevrix.com