Eltima Software has posted a beta version of Folx
(http://mac.eltima.com/download-manager.html), a new, and free,
download manager for Mac. It downloads any file via HTTP, HTTPS, FTP
directly or via proxy no matter what browser you use.

With Folx you will be able to download not only separate files, but
the whole folders with all the contents via FTP. According to the
folks at Eltima, it increases your download speed in hundreds of
times by splitting downloads into multiple threads, so several parts
of the file are downloaded simultaneously.

Folx allows you to download everything you need but at the same time
you’re able to limit the download speed. As a result your bandwidth
will be saved for other more important tasks. A download log provides
information about the progress, download errors, transmitted data,

If your Internet connection gets broken, Folx will continue
downloading a file where it broke off once you’ve reestablished the
connection. Even if you can’t resume the download, the part of the
file that you have already downloaded won’t go missing, but will stay
on your Mac until you complete the download any other time.

Folx sports a folders organization system that lets you add tags to
every downloaded file. The same file can have several tags. What’s
more, with Folx you can search your files even via Spotlight. With
Eltima download manager you can schedule your files downloading to
achieve low traffic periods and organize the priority of the
downloads as you like.