Global Art Group, a philanthropic initiative behind Global Advertising Strategies that supports art projects from all over the world, has partnered with Miami’s KIWI Arts Group and Mironova International Art Group to unveil David Datuna’s “Steve Jobs-Ayn Rand” portrait at SCOPE Miami.

The project, latest in Datuna’s Viewpoint of Millions series, will be on view from November 29th through December 4th in KIWI Arts Group’s booth C24. “Steve Jobs-Ayn Rand” is the newest addition to David Datuna’s portrait series of influential individuals around the world. Fashioned from a background pattern of thousands of miniature images of author/philosopher Ayn Rand (created by artist Alex Guofeng Coa under Datuna’s direction,) the large format iconic portrait comes to life under a cascading wall of optical lenses made from nearly 80,000 parts.

Moved by Steve Jobs’ recent passing, Datuna chose Ayn Rand as the driving component of the portrait as Rand’s work is believed to have inspired the late Apple founder, serving as one of his guides in life, he says.

To learn more about Global Art Group initiative and David Datuna, visit KIWI Arts Group at SCOPE Miami between November 29th and December 4th or check out their Facebook page at .