Shaderlight, a rendering plug-in from ArtVPS for Google SketchUp for architects and designers, has been updated to version 2.1.

ArtVPS has combined forces with Visa Lighting to provide users with a library of lighting fixtures as SketchUp 3D models, incorporating IES lighting files that are ready to render. The 3D models include the correct lighting information so that when rendered with Shaderlight Pro the scenes are illuminated, as they would be in the real world.

Selected from Visa Lighting’s complete collection of fixtures on Google’s 3D Warehouse, the Shaderlight ready SketchUp models are available to download from Google’s 3D Warehouse ( Users simply import a model from Shaderlight’s 3D Warehouse library into their SketchUp scene and hit render. Shaderlight will then render the correct lighting and color detail for each individual fixture.

These lighting fixtures with embedded IES light profiles will only render correctly using Shaderlight 2.1.  This new release also allows users to embed IES files within their own SketchUp models.

Existing 2.0 users can upgrade to 2.1 by downloading the update for free.
New users can buy this latest version of Shaderlight from the website. All new users can download the free 14-day trial of Shaderlight Pro to access this new feature.