Wolfram Research (http://www.wolframresearch.com) has released
Mathematica Player Pro 7, an update of the professional platform for
delivering interactive applications built with the new Mathematica 7
technology. It’s a free download.

With the recently released Mathematica 7, Wolfram Research added over
500 new functions and integrated parallel computing into its standard
product. The new Player Pro 7 comes with the same built-in technology
to parallelize computations over multiple cores. It also supports
other application areas introduced in Mathematica 7, including image
processing and on-demand curated data, while retaining all the
features of the original Mathematica Player Pro 6 released with
Mathematica 6.

Player Pro 7 gives access to Mathematica 7 and 6 compatible
applications, allowing full interaction with Mathematica’s
capabilities — executing multicore computations at runtime,
performing adaptive visualization, controlling dynamic interface
elements, connecting to real-time data, and more. Developers can
build applications in Mathematica and then use Player Pro to deliver
them to anyone.