We at Nisus Software are proud to announce the release of Nisus Writer
6.0.2, the multilingual word processor for the Macintosh. This version is
Power PC only and has been tested by Apple to be classic compatible in OS X.

Among the changes in Nisus Writer 6.0.2 are an enhanced RTF translator with
better compatibility to both read and write RTF files in any language
(WorldScript as well as Roman based alphabets), and compatibility with both
the Chinese and Japanese language kits that shipped with OS 9.1.

The complete list of changes, as well as a free updater from Nisus Writer
6.0 and 6.0.1 to Nisus Writer 6.0.2 is available here:


You can purchase Nisus Writer 6.0.2 for only $99.95, or upgrade from any
paid version of Nisus Writer (from version 5.1.3 and earlier) for only
$49.95. There is also a Nisus Writer 6.0.2 competitive upgrade (for owners
of any previous version of Microsoft Word, Word Perfect, AppleWorks and
Claris Works, and WriteNow) for only $69.95!

You can purchase Nisus Writer 6.0.2, or download the 30 day fully working
demo from this URL:



Dave Larson
Nisus Software Inc.