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Flix is the first Flash video encoder for the Mac
SWfX is the first Flash text animation software for the Mac
Both programs are OS X compatible

LOS ANGELES, CA — Wildform, creators of Internet media software,
announced the release of Flix for Mac, the first Macintosh application that
encodes video into Macromedia’s Flash=81 format, and SWfX for Mac, the first
Flash text animation software for the Mac. In making the announcement,
Jonathan Blank, Wildform CEO, noted, “Flix for PC has already begun to
revolutionize streaming video on the web, and we’re very pleased to offer
the software to the media savvy Mac audience. And since most graphic
artists are using Macs, we’re also very happy to provide a Mac version of
our highly successful animation tool, SWfX.”

Wildform released Flix for PC in January, 2001 and SWfX for PC in July,
2000. Both have become must-have programs for Flash developers, web
designers, and web video enthusiasts. Now Wildform has provided the same
functionality for the Mac, a popular platform for media and graphics
applications. Additionally, both Flix for Mac and SWfX for Mac are
carbonized applications, meaning that in addition to working with the older
Mac OS 8.6+ and OS 9+, they also work on the new OS X operating system.
This makes Wildform the first software company to release OS X compatible
software for Flash production.

Flash is an open standard used extensively on the Internet. According to =
March, 2001 Media Metrix study, 96% of all Web users can view Flash content
without a download. Flix-encoded video also streams to all platforms, all
browsers and through firewalls, making for a truly hassle-free experience.
Until now, Flash was primarily an animation tool, rarely utilized for video
because it took hours or days to create even short clips. With Flix, video
production time is slashed to minutes and users can easily insert links,
create video banner ads and e-mails, and deploy customized media players.
SWfX, which comes with over 250 effects, also features an ingenious plug-in
specification that enables users to easily edit the existing effects and
create new ones.
Wildform, based in Venice, California, is run by Jonathan Blank, Colby
Devitt, and Arjun Nayyar. For more information about Flix (available for
$99), SWfX (available for $25) or Wildform, go to: