Essence Software is proud to announce the availability of XS3D 1.0 beta 1.

XS3D is an OpenGL-based Scene Graph library for REALbasic. It provides file
import & export facilities, along with classes for geometric data types,
groups, transformations and texture mapping. XS3D also supports Environment
Mapping, Fog and Alpha Blending.

Planned features include Bones & Skinning, Multi-track Animation, Motion
Blending, BSP Trees and Compressed model files. The toolkit will also
include more tools for building models and animations.

XS3D is targeted at vendors of commercial 3D applications and games,
scientific research & academics, as well as vertical market developers.

XS3D 1.0b1 will run for 30 days after installation. Documentation is a
work-in-progress, and is expected to be drastically improved by 1.0b2.

To download XS3D 1.0b1, see the XS3D website:

James Milne
Essence Software
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