Texthelp Systems has announced Read&Write 5 Gold for Mac (http://www.texthelp.com/North-America/our-products/readwrite), the newest release of its literacy support software program.

Read&Write 5 Gold for Mac is a customizable toolbar that integrates with common applications, including Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, Safari and Adobe Reader. It provides students of all ages — especially those with reading and writing difficulties, learning disabilities, and English Language Learners — with support tools.

Read&Write 5 Gold for Mac’s expanded toolbar includes new features and enhancements to provide even more support for the variety of learning styles and abilities found in today’s schools, colleges and universities, and the workplace, says Jack Dolan, president of Texthelp Systems. New features include a picture dictionary, verb conjugation checker, vocabulary list builder, paragraph translator, confusable word checker, Pages integration, and more.
bility! Texthelp Web Apps work within browsers on iPads, iPod Touches, iPhones, and other mobile devices as well as PCs, and Macs.

Read&Write 5 Gold for Mac is available now. Pricing options include single user licensing (DVD or USB) and unlimited or concurrent site licensing for use at school and at home. Pricing starts at US$645, and $295 single user pricing is available for students/schools with unlimited site licenses. For more infomation go to http://www.texthelp.com .