Intel ( says its engineers are working on a new class of platform power management for “Ultrabooks” that will aid in the delivery of always-on-always-connected computing. Though targeted to Windows and Android devices, the technology could wind up in Apple laptops.
Intel President and CEO Paul Otellini, made the announcements during the opening keynote of the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco. He predicted that Ultrabook systems will provide the most satisfying and complete computing experience. The company is working with industry partners to deliver mainstream-priced products beginning this holiday season for this new category of lighter, sleeker compute companions, Otellini said.
Intel’s CEO added the company’s engineers will further accelerate Ultrabook innovation with Intel’s “Ivy Bridge” 22nm technology early next year with the help of the company’s 3-D Tri-gate transistors. He also described the new class of platform power management in development for the 2013 “Haswell” products for Ultrabooks.

The advances in silicon technology and platform engineering are expected to reduce idle platform power by more than 20 times over current designs without compromising computing performance. Otellini said he expects that this design change, combined with industry collaboration, will lead to more than 10 days of connected standby battery life by 2013. The advancements will aid in delivery of always-on-always-connected computing where Ultrabooks stay connected when in standby mode, keeping the e-mail, social media and digital content up-to-date, he added.