SanDisk Corp. ( has shipped the latest
editions of its SanDisk ImageMate memory card readers, which are
faster, smaller and sleeker than their predecessors, and featurw
upgraded software applications. The ImageMate All-In-One and
Multi-Card readers transfer data between a range of memory card
formats and a host computer.

The All-In-One memory card reader can reach speeds of up to 34
megabytes per second (MB/s) when using a SanDisk Extreme IV 45MB/s
CompactFlash card, and the Multi-Card reader is capable of up to
30MB/second read and 27 MB/second write data transfer rates when
using a SanDisk Extreme III 30MB/s Edition SDHC card. Sporting a
black and metallic silver design, each reader’s tripod base is

In addition to the traditional drag and drop method, the new SanDisk
ImageMate readers include a transfer button that automatically
launches a user-defined application or web site. A single press of
the reader’s button will open a designated application such as Adobe
Photoshop or a account, and from there the user can
transfer or edit photos.

Each card slot features a blue LED light, which indicates data
transfer activity. Supported formats include SD, SDHC, miniSDHC,
microSDHC, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro Duo, xD and
CompactFlash, among others. The suggested retail price for the
All-in-One is US$29.99.

Featuring more format options than a single card reader, the
ImageMate Multi-Card reader transfers files to and from multiple
memory card formats, including xD, Memory Stick, SD, SDHC, and MMC.
The suggested retail price is $19.99.