Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Steve Development has announced Holidays Plus 1.0 for the iOS. With the US$0.99 app you can find the date of a holiday or other important day fast. With a single tap on the screen the app allows you to add a single date or a group of dates to your iPhone calendar to synchronize with your favorite calendar program. You can count down the days until the holiday arrives.

Appadana has released Flo Hydraulic Calculator 1,0, a mobile hydraulic analysis tool for iOS devices. The $9.99 app is capable of performing pipe, open channel, gutter, weir and orifice flow computations. Users have the flexibility to solve for any variable and additional features include sending reports via email and 2D section view animations.

SKH Apps has introduced A Very Simple Game 1.0, a free app for the Phone, iPad and iPod touch devices. It “pushes memory and focus to its limits, but in a very simple way.” Version 1.0 includes three levels of varying difficulty and and high scores via Game Center.

Cúram Software, a provider of Social Enterprise Management (SEM) software solutions, has launched the new Cúram for Child Welfare iPhone application. This free application provides child welfare caseworkers mobile access to real-time information in the field so they can more efficiently identify clients in the area, prioritize those clients most in need of a visit, initiate case interviews and process emergency placements. has debuted the free Amazon Student application for the iPhone and iPod touch that offers students a way to shop for textbooks, electronics, apparel, bedding and more. Students can compare prices, buy textbooks, or trade in textbooks for up to 70% back — all from their mobile device.

PBS has rolled out its newest educational app for the iPad, Little Pim Spanish, is now available on the Apple App Store for $2.99. The new curriculum-based app helps children acquire Spanish language vocabulary while playing games with Little Pim, an animated panda bear who is the star of the direct-to-DVD Little language series.

MarketSmith, an online investment research tool, has developed a free, mobile app for the iPhone and iPad that offers its subscribers on-the-go access to their stock research and market activity.

McAfee says it’s extending platform support for consumers with its newly released McAfee WaveSecure software iOS Edition. McAfee, which already supports the iOS for business users with its Enterprise Mobility Manager software, is now supporting individual iPhone users via a downloadable app, addressing mobile users’ primary security concern — protection against data and device loss or theft. The $19.99 software enables users to protect their privacy and mobile data, whether their iPhone is lost or stolen, ensuring information can be backed up and restored, safe from misuse.

Dracoders has rolled out Minicars Touch 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 auto racing game features the Epic Control System, which allows the user to control their car by dragging their finger along the track ahead of their race car. Other features include: 15 different tracks, up to six cars racing simultaneously, nitro power-ups, electric barriers, teleports, secret track elements, and detailed pixel-art graphics. Played in overhead view, players can bump in to other cars and run them off the track.

Cavallo Media Group has created Zoozoo Readables 1.0, an early childhood reading tool for the iPad and iPhone. Designed for readers ages 3-6, the app is adapted from a popular education series currently used and approved by schools throughout North America. Zoozoo Readables features an enhanced storytelling experience, including eight humorous animal stories with bright illustrations and simple animations as well as including narration and text highlighting. It costs US$1.99 for the iPhone version, and $2.99 for the iPad version.

Niles Technology Group has cooked up Write King 1.0, a mobile essay writing tool for iOS devices. Designed specifically for the student writer, the $7.99 app assists students in writing essays and papers. It’s complete with multiple writing spaces, dual in-app web browsers, writing tutorials and functionality to view two documents side-by-side.

Tech Bla Solutions has announced Pirate Physics 1.0, the company’s first ever physics based game for iOS devices. In the $0.99 app, Captain Roll Ball wants to get his treasure back and will glide through 30 levels of challenges to do so.

Digital photographer and professor, Dr. Michael N. Roach, has published “Adobe Photoshop CS5: A Tutorial For Beginners 1.0,” an $9.99 tutorial based reference app exclusively for the iPad. This app walks users through Photoshop, illustrating each tool, filter and mechanism while pointing out advantages to certain preferences and options.

LifeShield Security has released a free LifeView app that allows on-the-go users to wholly manage their LifeShield home security system from their iPad.

Rolocule Games has introduced Flick Tennis: College Wars HD 1.0, a 3D tennis RPG. Designed specifically for the iPad, the $3.99 app features comic-book style story-telling, lick controls, motion-captured animations, head-to-head multiplayer, doubles, deep AI with real-life tennis playing styles, tennis courts and a variety of players to choose from.

MDev Studio has launched Ivy Ride 1.0. In the $1.99 hoverboard game for the Pad, you dodge the obstacles and collect different power-ups. The faster you go, the more points you earn.

In coordination with soccer coach Jim Medina, 9magnets has developed Coaching Wizard 1.0, a $2.9 app for soccer coaches, parents and fans. Coaching Wizard 1.0 allows for coaches to track player statistics, play time, season results, and more. It provides the ability to email statistics to parents, track game time outside of the app, and alter formations.