Toon Boom Animation ( has
released Service Pack 1 (SP1) for both Storyboard
1.5 and Storyboard Pro 1.5. In addition to
several product enhancements and performance
improvements, this Service Pack includes:

° A new Optimize project command to remove unused
elements and compress drawings or flatten all
drawings in the project;

° The possibility to create one-frame panels;

° The possibility to apply commands and
operations to a selection of panels, such as
Reset camera, rename scene, Copy and paste camera

° The possibility to select layers throughout a
selection of panels allowing many alterations,
such as show/hide, rename and flip;

° New options to export projects in PDF format;

° New commands to allow camera positions and moves to be copied and pasted;

° A new Save Project option for Mac OS X;

° A new Panel navigation preferences;

In addition, the PRO package gets: improved
capability to import Final Draft script; the
possibility to optimize the bitmap export; and
new options to export to Movie.

Current Toon Boom Storyboard 1.5 and Storyboard
Pro 1.5 customers can download SP1 for free from, from their My Products page.