Here are the latest rumors circulating in the Apple blogosphere:

“MacRumors” ( says Apple appears to be dropping “Airport” from its preferred vocabulary, instead adopting the more widespread “Wi-Fi.” “The AirPort name has never really been used outside Apple, but the term Wi-Fi has become more and more popular over the years and it seems Apple has finally acquiesced to popular vernacular,” the article adds. My take: I sorta like the Airport name, but this is certainly possible.

“Netbooknews” ( says the iPad 3 may sport a 3D display. “The inclusion of a 3D display makes perfect sense for why Apple has been pushing the high resolution and DPI, since once you got 3D you split the resolution in half, one for each eye,” the article says. “Which of course makes their next iteration being 3D realistic and a display manufacturer proving the concept makes it even more of a reality.” My take: a 3D iPad this year? No way.

“AppleInsider” ( says Apple may appeal to its high-end video production customers next week with the release of Final Cut Pro X on the Mac App Store, as well as the announcement of new third-party products that will take advantage of the high-speed Thunderbolt port found on new Mac. My take: both of these will happen.

Several sources say a new MacBook Air with Sandy Bridge processors and Thunderbolt technology will arrive before July. I think that’s possible, and that Apple might tie the refresh in with a “Back to School” promo. On the other hand, Apple might save both the Air refresh and promo until Lion debuts next month.

— Dennis Sellers