eAuthorize 5.0 ) Credit Card Processing Plug-In News from WorqSmart
(formerly Waves in Motion)

Phoenix, AZ – August 4, 2008 – WorqSmart is pleased to announce our latest
release of the most popular and most robust credit card processing plug-in
for FileMaker Pro: eAuthorize 5.0.

eAuthorize 5.0 is now compatible with five, count ëem five, versions of
FileMaker Pro (5 through 9)*. Other new features include a card-swipe
parsing example (for Authorize.Net card-present merchant accounts) and
support for the Sage Payment Gateway. Other supported payment gateways
include: Authorize.Net (card-present and card-not-present),
PayPal/VeriSign, Sage and SECpay/PayPoint.net.

For more information about eAuthorize 5.0 or to try a demo please visit
http://www.worqsmart.com/eauthorize. Our plug-in demos are fully functional
and our example files are fully unlocked. Take ’em for a spin. C’mon… it’
be fun!

Upgrade pricing is available for eAuthorize 5.0. Please contact us at
aakhavan@worqsmart.com or info@worqsmart.com.

*Important Note for Macintosh/FileMaker Pro 5-6 Users: eAuthorize 5.0 does
not support FileMaker Pro 5, 5.5 or 6 on the Macintosh. Why? Because Xcode
(Apple’s suite of tools for developing software on Mac OS X) cannot create
binaries that are compatible with older FMP versions (5, 5.5 and 6).
Technically, the older FMP versions and plug-ins are created with PEF
format and plug-ins for 7+ use the Mach-O format, which is the only type
Xcode supports. Of course, CodeWarrior supports the older format, but was
discontinued two years ago. For a version of eAuthorize that works with
FileMaker Pro 5 through 6, please take a look at our eAuthorize 3.5 plug-in.

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