Sonnet Technologies today announced the Carapace Keyboard Cover for Apple desktop keyboards. Like Carapace for MacBook Pro and MacBook, Carapace for Apple desktop keyboards is made of high-quality silicone with a proprietary coating. Compared to traditional sticky silicone skins, the unique Sonnet coating provides the dual benefits of being anti-static so as not to attract dust, and having a more natural feel so as to feel comfortable even during long typing periods. Carapace is custom-molded to fit each key, yet allows normal typing. Compatible with U.S. and international keyboards, Carapace for Apple USB and wireless keyboards is easy to install and remove, withstands heavy typing and prolonged use, and is simply washable with soap and water. Carapace for Apple Keyboard and Apple Wireless Keyboard will be available July 5th for the retail price of US$19.95.