An Apple job posting ( shows that the company is looking for a media streaming engineer manager. This is likely in conjunction with the rumored “iCloud” streaming service Apple is expected to announce as part of its plans for the ginormous data center its building in North Carolina.

The media streaming engineer manager will be part of the Interactive Media Group (IMG), which provides the media and graphics foundation across all of Apple’s innovative products, including the iPhone, AppleTV, iPad and iPod, as well as professional and consumer applications from Final Cut and Aperture to iLife and iWork. Apple says the “IMG takes the media experience to the next level on both Mac OS X and Windows platforms with technologies such as QuickTime X and Core Animation.”

“Our team is responsible for implementing software services around linear audiovisual media,” says Apple. ” This includes local media playback, video-on-demand and live streaming of multimedia content. Our media engine is used across Apple products such as QuickTime, Safari, and iTunes as well as 3rd party applications. We are looking for an excellent engineering manager to join our team and help develop our media streaming engine for our iOS, Mac OS X, and Windows products.”

Interested in the job? You’ll need, among other things, a BS/MS in computer science (or an equivalent degree), three-plus years of of relevant engineering management experience in leading a network or media software team, and five-plus years of experience in working with media container formats, video decoding, and media playback engines.

— Dennis Sellers