Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Niles Technology Group has announced College Application Essays 1.0 for iOS, a college prep application for high school students. The guidelines in the US$19.99 app assist students in developing a process in which they talk about themselves with respect to the college to which they are applying.

Raaza Limited has released the UK Terror Alert iPhone app. The $0.99 app is designed to ensure that “users always know the latest terrorism threat level as issued by the UK’s MI5 Security Service and the UK Home Office.” UK Terror Alert gives you access to the UK’s national terrorism threat levels.

Adrenaline Monki Game Studio has introduced Mooniz, a color matching action-puzzle game for the whole family. The $0.99 app has a variety of levels in Classic and Rush modes. As an added bonus, Mooniz players can share their high scores with friends and other players on Facebook.

Kuzmycz Software has launched Number Attack 1.0 for iPad, a $4.99 game that challenges one or two players to test their basic math skills, and enter answers by writing them directly on the screen where they’re read by the game’s built-in handwriting recognition capabilities. The game features: three levels of difficulty, five categories of math problems, six multiplayer modes, achievements, leaderboards, and high scores.

TappyTaps has served up Bubbling Math 1.0, an iPad education game for children for children in grades one to four. The $2.99 is complete with levels, music, sounds, and awards. It also contains a module that allows parents to choose which types of tasks they want their children to practice, and to review wrong answers afterward.

ATO has rolled out BounceBounce 1.0, a game for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $0.99 app (there’s a free, feature-limited “lite” version) involves bouncing a ball on the racket as much as possible. In this game, the ball bounces on the various types of panels. The aim is the ball must be driven from a start panel to a goal panel passing by several obstacle panels. BounceBounce features 80 standard stages with up to 50 user stages that can be generated randomly and more.

XperimentalZ Games has served up a free lite version and a first update for Repulse-O. The game — which costs $0.99 for the regular version — mixes a match-three game mechanic with electromagnetism. Users can chose from three different visual thematics: pills, donuts and neon.

Stagename has unveiled Rap Rivals, a free, role-playing music game for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch dedicated to the world of Hip Hop. Rap Rivals enables players to team up with artists and producers to create original music, and then battle other players in a quest for fame and fortune.

Hello-Hello, which specializes in mobile language learning, has developed vocabulary building iPhone and iPod touch apps for 11 foreign languages: Basic Spanish (for iPhone), Basic French (for iPhone), Basic German (for iPhone), Basic Italian (for iPhone), Basic Portuguese (for iPhone), Basic English (for iPhone), Basic Chinese (for iPhone), Basic Japanese (for iPhone), Basic Indonesian (for iPhone), Basic Dutch (for iPhone) and Basic Russian (for iPhone). They’re being offered for free.

Rumi Humphre is offering Slewpi 1.0 for iOS. The $0.99 app offers a new way to explore painting, music, and animation. Slewpi records what you do and plays it back in a loop.

Big Ideas Digital has updated Say What You See, a puzzle game for the iPhone and iPad, to version 2.0. The app — which is free for a limited time — is a new take on the hidden object genre, challenging players to pick out the popular bands, movies and TV shows hidden in detailed, hand-painted scenes. Version 2.0 includes a built-in hints system and a new look. has announced SizeMyBike 2.0 for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users. The $4.99 bike fitting app is designed to help you choose the right bike size and improve your position. You define your morphology with 6 body measures and SizeMyBike will compute the optimal geometry of your road bike or your mountain bike.