Ilium Software has released eWallet GO! for Mac OS X (10.5 and higher). This release adds another platform to the password app, which is already available for the iPhone, iPod touch, Android, Windows Phone 7 and Windows PC.

eWallet GO! is a password manager that lets you store and access all your important information. It comes with 29 ready-to-use templates and 256-AES encryption.

eWallet GO! makes it easy to backup your info using Google Docs or Dropbox, according to the folks at Ilium Software. Not only can you backup and restore eWallet GO! to your Mac, but if you also purchase eWallet GO! for any of its mobile platforms, you can backup and restore between your phone and your computer.

eWallet GO! costs US$4.99 on any of its available platforms. More info can be found on Ilium Software’s website.(