Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Tapmates has announced Dribbblr 1.0 for iPad, a tool for viewing Dribbble anywhere. It allows you to browse the latest work of famous designers worldwide and never miss a shot again. You don’t need to have an Dribbble account to use Dribbblr but if you provide a username, the app will show you latest shots by designers you follow. Dribbblr 1.0 is free with the option to turn off ads for US$2.99.

A new iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app offering a comparison of 400 of the top universities in the world has now been released on the Apple App Store. The official app for the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2010/2011 ($4.99) gives students, parents and academics an overview of the strengths and weaknesses of each university, and a chance to access a full countdown of the world’s top 200 universities.

Redbot Software has released Time Lapse Photo Journal for the iPhone and iPod touch. The $2.99 app allows users to create photo journals of their lives, and then play back the photos they take over the weeks, months or years, as Time Lapse video slideshows. Videos can be uploaded to share on Facebook and YouTube. The app includes iOS 4.0 features, such as auto-save and restore, as well as Push Notification reminders.

Houdah Software has introduced Chord Board 1.0 for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s a $0.99 slide rule that displays the notes necessary to from chords. Chord Board also serves as as means of reference for musicians, singers, songwriters, choirs, composers and arrangers.

Arbor Media has unveiled UK Tax Wizard 2010 for iOS devices. It’s a $2.99 app designed to compute personal income taxes and National Insurance contributions for the UK taxpayer.

SpeechTrans has produced their SpeechTrans German English Translator 1.0 for iOS devices. It translates spoken languages, allowing users to simply talk into their iPhone in one language, and then hear a natural voice speaking the translated words in another. SpeechTrans utilizes Nuance’s core Dragon voice technology — the same technology at the heart of the trusted Dragon NaturallySpeaking dictation software. SpeechTrans is currently available in uni-directional English-to-Spanish for $9.99 with a free upgrade when the bi-directional version is available. After this, the bi-directional version will be priced at $19.99.

Cervo Media has rolled out ultimate race, a free iPad game about colors, music and your left and right hemisphere. You can play several one player modes including the “ultimate challenges” campaign mode or get ready for the real deal: the ultimate two player duel modes. You can play against your friends and family on the same iPad.

LOSE IT! (, a iPhone weight-loss application, is moving to the web, where it will be available to anyone with an internet connection — for free., a digital sheet music retailer and publisher, has announced its free iPad app, which is designed to allow musicians to import, manage and interact with their digital sheet music library on the mobile device.
Canvys has released the Image Systems CFS WebSuite Calibration Feedback System and smart phone utility. The free version of the iPhone app enables remote monitoring and quality control of medical displays via a web browser and/or handheld device.

Davka Corporation and Redlex have announced Totally Tanach 1.1, an update to their $9.99 Hebrew Bible study program for iOS devices. It features verse-by-verse synchronization of English, Hebrew and Rashi’s commentary, and positioning of Hebrew vowels and cantillation marks. Users can browse and study all 24 books of the Bible, search the texts, and bookmark and email selections for future reference. Totally Tanach is now a universal app, and includes additional Hebrew commentaries.

TappyTaps has released Geotag Photos 2.51, a new version of the $3.99 geotagging solution for iOS devices. It uses the GPS capabilities of the iPhone to record a log of the user’s location at specified time intervals. TappyTaps’ desktop app then uses the uploaded log to match log entries with the time each photo was captured by any DSLR or compact one camera. Version 2.51 was prepared with a focus on less battery consumption and implementation of features requested by customers.

Blue Wind has introduced LED Light – for iPhone 4 LED Flashlight Version 1.04, an update to their free flashlight utility for iPhone 4. It enables the iPhone 4 owner to set their camera’s flash to remain on continuously, creating an anytime, anywhere emergency flashlight. The update incorporates newly designed icons, complementing the instant activation flashlight with a strobe option.

FarFinder, the remote file access application for Mac and iPhone, has returned to the Apple App Store, but under a temporary name: FarSomething. FarFinder’s iPhone client was ejected from the App Store several weeks ago because of Apple’s objection to the product’s name. The application will have an official name change later this year. The new name is yet to be announced. FarFinder costs $35 and comes with a free 20-day trial period, during which the application is fully-functional.

Hunter Research and Technology has unveiled ODAT Tracker 2.0 for iOS devices. This free app tracks deals from 15 online merchants of outdoor gear and apparel, covering both “one deal at a time” sites and daily deals, including REI, Patagonia, Altrec, Steep and Cheap, Tramdock, and Backcountry. ODAT Tracker contains high-res artwork for the iPhone 4 and iPod 4, and takes advantage of multi-tasking on devices running iOS 4.0 or later.