CodingMammoth ( has announced Semonto, their web-based server monitoring service that immediately notifies the user should any of their servers go off-line or display anomalous behavior. Notifications may be received via email, SMS, Twitter, Apple push notifications, etc.

In addition, by registering for a Semonto account users may access free iOS and Mac OS X apps to check their server’s current status, review their server’s statistics, view test results, and perform advanced diagnostics. Semonto also provides free reports including tables and graphs to display server performance over time.

Configured as Software as a Service (SAAS), the Semonto monitoring system requires neither any software be installed on the user’s server, nor any programs be running in the background that could affect server operation. Semonto has multiple test servers at various locations around the globe. Users can choose which test server is assigned to check their host.

Pricing ranges from 4 Euros per month for a “lite” version (with a maximum of 100 tests per hour) to 30 Euros per month for a business version, which offers 1,000 tests per hour.