Troms=F8, Norway, September 20. 2004 — Yellow Lemon Software released an
upgrade to version 1.1.0 of the popular remote desktop application
Desktop Transporter today. Desktop Transporter is an application that
makes sharing your desktop with others, or yourself, very easy. Only a
single click is required to share your desktop with other Macs on your
local-area network. Using Rendezvous to discover shared desktops, it
provides you with the ability to preview shared desktops before
connecting to them.

Desktop Transporter fully supports any number of attached displays, and
reconfigures itself on the fly to detect changes to your display
configuration. Naturally, you may protect access to your desktop using
a password, and a number of configuration options allow you to select
the performance level best suited for your network. You can also view
and control multiple desktops from different Macs on one Mac.

New in version 1.1.0 is vastly improved performance compared with
version 1.0 and support for copy-and-paste of arbitrary objects between
local and remote displays. In addition, the interface for accessing
shared displays has been improved, and a new tab displaying statistics
has been added.

Desktop Transporter requires MacOS X 10.2.8 or later, and performs best
when the Macs sharing and accessing the shared desktop(s) are connected
via a high-speed local-area network.

Pricing and availability
Desktop Transporter is distributed as $15 shareware. A fully working
trial can be downloaded right away at this location:

The download is 1.4 mb. Screenshots and more information is available
at the Desktop Transporter home page:

About Yellow Lemon Software
Yellow Lemon Software has been developing software for the Mac since
1996, with its two most successful products being Super Othello and
Hyperspeed, and Desktop Transporter now taking over as the most
successful product. Yellow Lemon Software is based in Troms=F8, Norway,
and consists of one sole member currently studying computer science at
the University of Troms=F8.