New Sophisticated Resources Picker Plugin for Revolution from So Smart Software

July 14th, 2005 — So Smart Software (
today announces the availability of Resources Picker, a new plugin for the
Revolution family of software development tools ( Resources
Pickers lets users search and retrieve information about Revolution from
the built-in documentation, stacks, mailing lists and web sites. The plugin
comes with a help stack in French and English and is available for Mac OS
9/10 and Windows XP.

“Revolution is a very powerful development environment and the user
community is growing at an amazing rate. Finding information which is
scattered across various sources is often difficult. Resources picker makes
it simple by gathering relevant sources of information and letting people
search within them with just one mouse click.” said Eric Chatonet of So
Smart Software.

Resources Picker searches for information from four main sources:

1. Contextual and intelligent search through four aspects of the Revolution
documentation: FAQ, dictionary, topics section and cookbook recipes.

2. Public Revolution related mailing lists by utilising the users web
browser and a choice of three main search engines (Google, Gmane and Mail
Archive). Support is also provided for direct additional links to Google
Advanced Search, Gmane by threads and Mail Archive by threads or by date.
Automated preparation of posts to the use-Revolution or Education lists.

3. Revolution related relevant web resources: websites, stacks and files
etc. through a local customizable database, an index of the contents of Rev
Online and an index of the contents of RevNet.

4. An “All the Web” search from within the IDE with a choice of three
engines: Google, Yahoo or MSN.

This announcement brings to fourteen the number of free Revolution plugins
available from So Smart Software. For further details, screenshots and
downloads, please visit

About So Smart Software
Located in Paris, France, So Smart Software is an outstanding French team
of ergonomists, computer artists and programmers grouped around Eric
Chatonet. With over twenty years of experience in Xtalk software and
interactive media development, they create specialized built-to-order
applications in various fields: management, multimedia, Internet, etc, that
combine an incomparable design, exemplary ergonomics, rapid product
development and 100% reliability on Windows, Mac OS or Linux platforms.

More information about So Smart Software can be found by visiting their
website at