Stellar Information Systems ( has launched two new products, Stellar Drive Defrag and Stellar Drive Clone. The former helps you defrag the Mac hard drive/volumes and optimize the free spaces to make your system faster. The latter is a tool that creates clone of your Mac hard drive, logical volume and even the boot volume.

Stellar Drive Defrag defrags the metadata files in a Mac volume, clubs together the scattered free spaces in a volume and performs complete defragmentation on an entire volume by dragging the files into a single contiguous memory location. What’s more, the software creates a bootable DVD, which can be used to defrag the boot volume and also to start your non-booting Mac system.

Stellar Drive Clone creates an exact replica of the Mac hard drive and logical volumes. The software can also create image of any volume or the entire hard drive and provides option to restore the lost data from the previously created image file. Like Drive Defrag, Stellar Drive Clone also creates a boot DVD, which can be used to clone your boot volume and is helpful in starting-up your non-booting Mac system.

Both Stellar Drive Defrag and Stellar Drive Clone are available in a single home user downloadable license at an introductory price of US$39 each.