CampSoftware has released SpeakerCue, its’ “confidence monitor” for Macs and Windows systems. It’s a “confidence monitor” for professional producers and presenters. 

Featuring a customizable clock with a variety of color and display options, SpeakerCue is designed for those on both sides of the podium, including the person who is speaking, an assistant during a live presentation, or a producer of speaking engagements. 

SpeakerCue requires a Mac or PC for the person who is controlling the time and messaging, and an external display within view of the speaker to receive those messages. On the Mac, macOS 10.9.5 or later is required.

You can visit SpeakerCue online to download a free demo ( In demo mode, SpeakerCue will auto-quit after 10 minutes, but it can be relaunched as often as you would like.