Putting The Eye into iPhone — Participating in BeamYourScreen Web Conferences

BeamYourScreen offers Apple iPhone users the capability to take part in
desktop sharing web conferences straight from their handset – putting the
users in the right place, first time every time. With desktop sharing
capabilities in the palm of their hand, iPhone users are finding themselves
in possession of a powerful software solution which is enhancing visual
communication, saving time, decreasing travel costs, and obliterating
impossible business meeting schedules.

Mannheim, GERMANY May 14, 2008 — With the release of its award-winning
HTML viewer, BeamYourScreen ( have empowered
Apple iPhone users with a means of screen sharing between their handset and
desktop PCs, enabling them to participate in web conferences. Open Safari,
enter the BeamYourScreen session ID and iPhone users are instantly viewing
the desktop screen of the meeting organizer, giving the words “seeing is
believing” a whole new meaning.

Part of being on the road every week, means you’re unlikely to always be in
the right place at the right time. The same goes for company meetings with
many being missed by business travelers unable to attend due to either
transport delays, infeasible meeting schedules, rising oil prices — in
fact, the list goes on.

However thanks to BeamYourScreen’s HTML viewer, iPhone users are able to
employ their handset to join a web conference. Not only can they view the
meeting organizer’s PC desktop in true color and in real time, they now
carry a means that directly gives them an eye into the meeting room from
any corner of the globe.

BeamYourScreen’s Co-Founder, Erik Boos, explains: “Whether they’re in
hotels, trains, or airport lounges, regardless of the location, with
BeamYourScreen business travelers never have to miss a meeting.”

The benefits are clear: a stress-free, easy-to-use affordable way to take
part in web conferences. Any iPhone owner can enhance their audio
conferences by attending a desktop sharing session straight over the
Internet. From any PC, the meeting organizer starts a BeamYourScreen
session and can transmit anything from their desktop, including websites,
Microsoft Office documents, or PDF files. As there are no downloads nor
configurations required, the BeamYourScreen HTML viewer fits the iPhone
like a glove.

How do they do it? Users make a phone call and join the audio conference.
They then simply open Safari on their iPhone, go to,
and enter the Session ID. A quick connection means they are instantly able
to view the PC screen of the BeamYourScreen session organizer in real-time
while chatting through the audio conference. When the iPhone user wishes to
leave the web conference they do so by simply closing the Safari window.

“During a meeting, the users can operate the iPhone as usual. They can
rotate the handset to view the screen in full-landscape mode, as well as
accessing the zoom function,” continues Mr. Boos. “In fact BeamYourScreen’s
capability with the iPhone is really a smooth-running experience.”

Seeing truly is believing, and for those who are always on the go,
BeamYourScreen’s web conferencing technology has maximized the iPhone even
further and provided a friendly shoulder to lean on.

For more information about using BeamYourScreen on the iPhone, visit today, or send an email to