Group Logic Releases ExtremeZ-IP 5.2

Adds Support for Time Machine Backups and Integrated Print Server

May 13, 2008 (Arlington, VA) — Group Logic, the leading provider of
Mac/Windows connectivity solutions, today announced the immediate
availability of ExtremeZ-IP 5.2. The new release extends support for the
latest Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard capabilities, including Time Machine backups.
This release also combines the functionality of company’s leading
ExtremeZ-IP File and Print Servers into a single solution, allowing all
customers to leverage the innovative ExtremeZ-IP Zidget that enables easy
service discovery and setup without needing the legacy AppleTalk protocol.

ExtremeZ-IP continues to be the only Windows solution to deliver complete
support for the Mac file and print sharing, providing customers with
compatibility without compromise. ExtremeZ-IP 5.2 is also the only solution
to enable Windows servers to be used for Time Machine backups, Mac OS X’s
breakthrough automatic backup function. Using Time Machine and ExtremeZ-IP,
users can automatically backup and recover previous versions of important
documents without requiring the use of complicated backup software or IT
support. This reduces the risk of expensive data loss and decreases IT
administration costs. Administrators can control the amount of disk storage
used for backups with per-user Time Machine backup quotas.

“ExtremeZ-IP continually delivers the industry’s leading Mac/Windows
compatibility with a comprehensive solution that allows us to gain the
greatest value from our desktop and server investments without sacrificing
critical cost saving and productivity increasing features,” said Greg
Plassmeyer, Senior Network Administrator, Barkely, Inc. “With support for
Time Machine, ExtremeZ-IP is solidifying its place as one of the most
important connectivity solutions. By making it easy and seamless for our
users to backup their Mac desktops, Group Logic will save in IT support
costs and protect us from losing critical desktop files.”

ExtremeZ-IP 5.2 merges Group Logic’s leading File and Print Servers into a
single solution, providing customers with the value of an integrated
printing solution at no additional cost. ExtremeZ-IP users can now utilize
the innovative Zidget to automatically discover network file and print
resources and enable self-service printer set-up without IT or
administrator support. The Zidget reduces desktop support costs and
completely removes the need for AppleTalk on the corporate network,
eliminating significant maintenance and management costs.

“ExtremeZ-IP is designed to provide Mac/Windows environments with
compatibility without compromise, so that users can always leverage the
latest features on both platforms,” said Derick Naef, CTO of Group Logic.
“ExtremeZ-IP 5.2 is the direct result of Group Logic’s commitment to
providing our customers with the technology and tools necessary to keep up
with ever-changing Mac and Windows environments. With support for the
latest Apple innovations, such as Time Machine, we are enabling our
customers to maintain productivity and focus on day-to-day business
operations, rather than the challenges of Mac/Windows compatibility.”

ExtremeZ-IP 5.2 also enables users to leverage the latest Mac file system
enhancements such as Extended Attributes and Access Control Lists (ACLs),
as well as key Windows server features such Windows shortcuts.

ExtremeZ-IP is used by thousands of customers worldwide who depend on it
for reliable file sharing between their Mac desktops and Windows servers.
It delivers no-compromise access, providing complete platform and
application compatibility. ExtremeZ-IP 5.2 is available immediately and is
a free update to all licensed ExtremeZ-IP 5 users that have an active
support contract. For details on all of the new features, information on
upgrading or purchasing ExtremeZ-IP, or to download a free trial version,
please visit Group Logic’s Web site at Upgrades can
also be purchased by contacting Group Logic directly at or by calling +1.703.528.1555 or 800.476.8781.

About Group Logic

Group Logic is the leading provider of network software solutions that
enable customers to gain strategic value, increase productivity and
leverage existing infrastructure investments through enterprise file
transfer and Mac/Windows connectivity solutions. With nearly 20 years of
unmatched experience, Group Logic’s emphasis on customer success is the
very core of its business. More than 4,000 customers trust Group Logic
every day to move and share their files around the world.

Group Logic offers two complementary product lines:

* MassTransit Product Line: Enterprise software solution proven to
transform digital file transfers into strategic business processes.
MassTransit increases productivity and empowers users to manage all aspects
of the file transfer process by simplifying the exchange of digital files,
ensuring accountability and providing visibility into the entire process.

* ExtremeZ-IP Product Line: ExtremeZ-IP is the proven standard and most
trusted solution for file and print sharing between Mac desktops and
Windows servers, delivering no-compromise access and providing complete
platform and application compatibility. ExtremeZ-IP delivers reliable
integration between Mac desktops and Windows servers, creating a
single-point of management for enterprise-wide printing.

For more information, visit Group Logic on the Web at
( Group Logic can also be reached at
800.476.8781 / +1.703.528.1555.