Ascending Technologies releases ThemeMonster 3.0

CHICAGO, IL/PALM DESERT, CA – WWW.ASCTECH.COM – August 28, 2000 – Ascending
Technologies today released ThemeMonster, a visual utility for creating
theme files to assist users of FileMaker Pro 5 for Windows and Mac OS from
FileMaker, Inc. ThemeMonster is available immediately, and can be
downloaded from the Ascending Technologies web site.

FileMaker Pro 5 has the ability to use Themes: documents that allow the
user to control the visual aspects of color, style, and font choices used
in new layouts created in databases. ThemeMonster lets the user make their
own Theme files. A “Must Have” for developers and in-house FileMaker
managers alike.

ThemeMonster allows the corporate customer to easily implement a set of
corporate standards for reports, without having to make every user a
designer. By creating a set of theme files and distributing those files
throughout the organization, everyday users on the network can create
ad-hock reports that conform to the corporate standard, simply by selecting
the theme while using the Layout Assistant. MarCom and in-house design
departments will love ThemeMonster; if they’re familiar with FileMaker Pro,
they’re already familiar with the concepts involved in creating a theme
with ThemeMonster.

Consultants will be able to use ThemeMonster to create their own theme
files to automate their in-house workflow, and to deliver themes to clients.

ThemeMonster is the easiest and clearest way to create the complex XML
documents required to by FileMaker Pro 5’s Layout Assistant. ThemeMonster
uses a visual approach, much like popular WYSIWYG web site generators.

“It really looks just like FileMaker Pro 5,” said Steve Abrahamson, CEO and
founder of Ascending Technologies. “I’ve seen users completely forget that
they’re not just using ScriptMaker or something – it’s that intuitive.”

“ThemeMonster is priced lower than other comparable tools, but we still
deliver just as much bang… just for fewer bucks. And the end result – the
theme file – is just the same as what you’d get from any other comparable

ThemeMonster was originally designed in 1999 by a loose group of developers
as a theoretical endeavor. Steve Abrahamson served as the development lead
on that project, creating the general program behavior and the user
interface. Released in 2000 as Theme Creator, it was very well-received. In
mid-2000, the members of the group shifted, and the product went in two
directions; one with Ascending Technologies, and the other with the
remaining members of the group.

ThemeMonster is available immediately for $79.95.

Ascending Technologies is a developer of custom solutions and the proud
developer of the Monster family of products. ThemeMonster is the latest
official addition to Ascending Technologies’ Monster family, which also
includes the widely acclaimed CalendarMonster.

Contact: Steve Abrahamson
(312) 663-1580

ThemeMonster can be downloaded at: