Subject: [ANN] PerformanceMonster 3.0 Released
Date: Mon, 28 Aug 2000 13:07:23 -0700
From: Steve Abrahamson (


Ascending Technologies releases PerformanceMonster 3.0

CHICAGO, IL/PALM DESERT, CA – WWW.ASCTECH.COM – August 28, 2000 – Ascending
Technologies today released the latest version of its venerable
benchmarking utility, PerformanceMonster, now completely redesigned and
rewritten for FileMaker Pro 5 for Windows and Mac OS from FileMaker, Inc.
PerformanceMonster is available immediately, and can be downloaded from the
Ascending Technologies web site.

PerformanceMonster is a benchmarking utility for developers, corporate
administrators, and consultants to assist them in determining performance
gains in their FileMaker Pro 5 systems; the utility can be configured in a
number of ways to allow for just about any need.

PerformanceMonster can now compare up to ten tests against each other to
determine the fastest methods. This is incredibly useful for developers
rewriting their FileMaker systems; they simply call their scripts once – up
to ten different variations – from PerformanceMonster’s Bridge file, and
PerformanceMonster will run them all and report back on both relative and
absolute performance – even automatically. Additionally, PerformanceMonster
can be configured to run up to ten tests and compare the average results to
the average results of the same ten tests run under different conditions,
such as old and new database servers, changed router configurations, or
user traffic loads.

PerformanceMonster is perfect for:
* Infrastructure testing; determine speed gains from infrastructure
* Software diagnostics; benchmark rewritten routines to find
* Demonstrations and proofs; highly presentable utility perfect for
presenting speed gains in any system

PerformanceMonster is not a simulator; it is designed to be used with
existing databases, where they live. Multiple tests can be run in
succession, automatically and unattended. PerformanceMonster then generates
a comprehensive report of the results.

“It’s all about real-world usage, and real-world gains,” said Steve
Abrahamson, founder and CEO of Ascending Technologies, and the author of
PerformanceMonster. “There’s no blind theory here; the FileMaker
professional uses existing networks, databases, scripts, and processes that
already run the corporate or client business. Whether they’re looking for
answers about server upgrades or experimenting with rewriting complicated
and lengthy scripts, with PerformanceMonster there’s no doubt remaining;
the numbers become clear.

“It’s an excellent diagnostic utility, as well. Everyone wants the fastest
possible access to their data. Speed is everything. For sites that want to
improve their database performance, PerformanceMonster can confirm or
refute their suspicions quickly and accurately. Whether they’re questioning
the move to FileMaker Pro Server 5, interested in validating a server
upgrade, experimenting with client machine upgrades, rewriting some
elements of their FileMaker Pro 5 systems, or even just suspicious of a
particular router on their network, PerformanceMonster is the tool to give
them answers.”

PerformanceMonster was originally designed in 1995 as a benchmarking
utility to demonstrate the performance benefits of the then brand-new
FileMaker Pro Server over FileMaker Pro peer-to-peer. It is now able to
test for speed increases across any two environments, and can help an
administrator or developer to write and test the most efficient FileMaker
Pro 5 solutions possible. Users familiar with older versions of
PerformanceMonster, previously The AscTech Timing Tool, will recognize
familiar concepts while finding new depth; new users will find the new
interface instantly welcoming and usable. PerformanceMonster includes
built-in online Help and a wealth of performance considerations and speed
tips for FileMaker Pro 5 deployment.

PerformanceMonster is available immediately for $79.95.

Ascending Technologies is a developer of custom solutions and the proud
developer of the Monster family of products. PerformanceMonster is the
latest official addition to Ascending Technologies’ Monster family, which
also includes the widely acclaimed CalendarMonster.

Contact: Steve Abrahamson
(312) 663-1580

PerformanceMonster can be downloaded at: