CS Ideas has announced DryFolio Folio (http://www.waterproofcases.net/drycases.html), a waterproof case for the iPad. The US$ case allows full use of touchscreen and controls on the Apple tablet while it’s sealed inside.

The Drycase Folio is the first waterproof iPad case with a built-in waterproof speaker mic jack that will allow users to listen and speak through the iPad with a microphone headset, according to CS Idea President Toi Chance-Sangthong. This specialty jack gives users the ability to make calls, use voice apps and listen to movies by the pool, at the beach or even out on the boat.

The Drycase features a waterproof closure and vacuum seal system to lock the iPad safely inside the case. Users seal the tablet inside and use the included vacuum pump to remove the excess air, ensuring that the case is properly sealed. When properly sealed, the case is purportedly impervious to liquids, sand, salt and even submersion.

On the backside of the iPad case, the manufacturer has included dual support loops and neoprene velcro bands for holding and mounting the iPad in industrial or marine applications.