Zenoss (http://www.zenoss.com/), a provider of commercial open source
systems management and network monitoring software, has added a
native Mac OS X installer for the latest version of Zenoss Core, an
open source IT monitoring product.

Forrester Research reports Mac OS X currently accounts for 4.5
percent of the business operating system market. This figure has
nearly quadrupled since Forrester’s previous research 19 months

“Mac OS X is a growing platform that remains a favorite among
developers and IT operations staff, which is why Zenoss already
monitored the Mac OS X platform,” says Erik Dahl, chief technical
officer and co-founder, Zenoss. We wanted to make the entire Zenoss
user experience seamless for Apple Macintosh users by also providing
a downloadable Mac OS X installer.”

Zenoss Core 2.3 was developed in conjunction with more than 40,000
community members who provided product input, monitoring extensions
and beta testing. This large open source systems management community
has helped Zenoss deliver high value solutions at a fraction of the
cost charged by conventional vendors, Dahl says. (