BDRuleEngine Framework Brings Rule-Based Application Development to Cocoa

Open Source Framework Enables Rule-Based Application Development

Hoffman Estates, Illinois – September 16, 2002 – today
shipped the BDRuleEngine Framework version 1.0.0, an Open Source framework
that lets Mac OS X developers using Apple’s Cocoa framework build very
flexible business rule-driven applications quickly and easily.

Many applications rely on a foundation of business rules. Business rules
describe the behavior of an application in various situations in terms of
constraints on the data within the application. Most applications, however,
hard-code the business rules that they are built on and need to be
extensively revised when these rules change.

The BDRuleEngine Framework builds on the power of Apple’s Cocoa framework
for Mac OS X by providing a rule system for software developers to use when
constructing applications. This rule system lets developers specify
business rules at a higher level than their application code, reducing code
complexity and increasing both code flexibility & reuse at the same time.

To download the BDRuleEngine Framework from the web site,
visit To download the
companion BDRuleEditor application, visit Both the BDRuleEngine
Framework and BDRuleEditor are covered by a BSD-style Open Source license
agreement, and are available for Mac OS X.

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