Accordance Bible Software has released 13 Bible atlases and related books from Carta, Israel’s leading publisher of maps, atlases, and books on Biblical history and geography. The new Carta collection includes six high-quality atlases and seven books on the history of Jerusalem and the Jewish temple.

These include:

° The Carta Bible Atlas (the fourth-edition of the best-selling Macmillan Bible Atlas), by Yohanan Aharoni, Michael Avi-Yonah, Anson F. Rainey, and Ze’ev Safrai;

° The Sacred Bridge, Carta’s Atlas of the Biblical World, by Anson F. Rainey and R. Steven Notley;

° Carta’s New Century Handbook and Atlas of the Bible, by Anson F. Rainey and R. Steven Notley;

° The Illustrated Bible Atlas with Historical Notes, by F. F. Bruce;

° Bible History Atlas Study Edition, by F. F. Bruce;

° The Onomasticon by Eusebius of Caesarea;

° The Illustrated Atlas of Jerusalem, by Dan Bahat and Chaim T. Rubinstein;

° Carta’s Historical Atlas of Jerusalem, by Dan Bahat;

° Jerusalem in the Time of Nehemiah, by Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer;

° Jerusalem in the Year 30 A.D., by Leen and Kathleen Ritmeyer;

° The Quest, Revealing the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, by Leen Ritmeyer;

° Carta’s Illustrated Encyclopedia of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem, by Israel Ariel and Chaim Richman;

° The Holy Temple of Jerusalem, by Chaim Richman

Each book in the Carta collection is illustrated with maps, photographs, and artistic reconstructions, and all of these images are included in the Accordance Bible Software editions. Each book can be purchased separately, and there are several cost-saving bundles available. For details, see .