ProteMac has launched KeyBag Pro ( for Mac OS X 10.5 and higher. This US$99.95 stealth keystroke recorder captures every Mac log-on password. Working undetectable, it audits every typed activity including log-on passwords, programs run, typed symbols, instant message charts, email, etc.

KeyBag Pro enables you to trace all password attempts. Plus, it archives all passwords ever typed in, enabling you to export this data in the desired format to the location you specified.

KeyBag Pro creates the record of the programs’ usage illustrating this statistic data in a chart that displays the typing speed and the total number of keystrokes for a definite application used in the specified time period. This means KeyBag Pro delivers the comprehensive report about application statistics indicating the time and text typed in a specific application. The special Keystroke Typed Details window shows the full text or the message even if it has been deleted.

KeyBag Pro is worked out as a recovery utility, that allows you to trace chat history or review even deleted information, enabling you to go back an hour, a day or several days back. With the possibility to restore any text ever typed, it creates the basis for future reference and analysis.