Coda Integration, LLC Announces the availability of CodaMover

Dexter, MI April 16, 2003 – CodaMover, a automated workflow and file
manipulation software tool for publishers is now available, in public beta,
for MacOS 9.0 and MacOSX.

CodaMover offers to the end user the ability to:

Move files from one location to another on a local machine or on a network

1. Copy files from one location to another

2. Delete files and folders older than a given time

3. Get and Put files via FTP

4. Get email including attachments

5. Stuff and UnStuff outgoing and incoming files files (The stuffing option
requires the purchase of Aladdin Systems Stuffit Deluxe)

6. Perform search and replace on text files using powerful Regular
Expression commands.

CodaMover allows the user to set up unattended Processes that can do all of
the above functions on a linear basis. Users can attach time loops to the
Processes they create.

Examples of what CodaMover can do:

1. Watch a folder for a incoming PDF file and then when the file appears,
FTP the file up to a server.

2. Query an email server for email. When an email is downloaded, Mover can
search the email for characters (using Regular Expressions) that make the
email difficult to edit and remove them, saving the resulting file in a
folder of your choosing.

Pricing, Availability and Requirements

CodaMover is available for in public beta now from Coda Integration, LLC.

Visit our web site at to download your copy today!

CodaMover requires any Power Macintosh computer running MacOS 9.0+ and
MacOSX 10.2+

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Coda Integration, LLC
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