Magma — a developer of computer expansion products for servers, desktops and portable platforms — has introduced the ROBEN-3 (pronounced “robin”) at the 135th  Audio Engineers Society Convention (AES) in New York City. 

ROBEN-3 is the first set of offerings in Magma’s newest series of Thunderbolt capable expansion computing products. The series is designed to be the “ultimate sidekick” expansion solution for creative professional, according to Magma President Timothy Miller.

The ROBEN-3 is available in three model configurations that include Thunderbolt and native PCI Express host computer connection options.  It has the potential to house three-full length, full-height Peripheral Component Interconnect Express (PCIe) cards. Additionally, three different ROBEN-3 models offer features for full customization. 

The ROBEN-3 basic model offers the potential of two 5.25-in drive bays, while the ROBEN-3 storage model offers eight 2.5-inch hot swappable bays. The ROBEN-3 Mac Mini version allows for a direct integration of an Apple Mac Mini. For more info, including pricing details, go to .