New Apple patents at the US Patent & Trademark Office involve multi-connectors, microphone lines, RAW imaging processing, and EMI switching circuits. Following is a summary of each.

Patent number 20100271790 is for a multi-connector assembly. The invention can relate to multiple-connector assemblies for use in, for example, electronic devices. Each of the connectors are constrained to another connector by aligning one or more complementary sets of reference features. A locating bracket may be used to couple multiple connectors together. Alternatively, the connectors may be coupled to each other directly. The electronic device also may include a retainer coupled to the connectors (either directly or indirectly through the locating bracket). The retainer and a surface of one of the connectors may form a single plane to which an end cap of the housing may be coupled, thereby accurately locating the end cap with respect to the connectors. The present invention also can relate to methods of manufacturing such an electronic device. The inventors are Douglas Joseph Wever and Pinida Jan Moolsintong.

Patent number 20100272252 involves a microphone line based detection of a headset plug removal. Embodiments of the invention include methods, apparatus, systems and means for distinguishing between microphone line signals resulting from: actuation of a microphone button of a headset plugged into a telephone device jack, and removal of the headset plug form the jack. During a telephone call, a first signal can be detected on a microphone line of a headset jack to indicate whether a microphone button of the headset is actuated. Also, while the headset plug is being disconnected from the jack, a transition on the microphone line can be detected, from a second signal indicating that the microphone is being disconnected, to a third signal indicating that the microphone button is actuated. Consequently, to avoid erroneously hanging up a call, transitions to the third signal when removing the plug form the jack can be ignored and the call can be maintained. Other embodiments are also described and claimed. The inventors are Timothy Johnson, Scott Mullins and Hugo Fiennes.

Patent number 20100271505 is for a system and method for RAW image processing. A RAW image and metadata related to the RAW image are obtained from a digital camera or other source. The RAW image and the related metadata are automatically processed using an Operating System service of a processing device to produce a resulting image in an absolute color space. The resulting image is then made available to an application program executing on the processing device through an application program interface with the operating system service. The inventors are Mark Zimmer, David Hayward and Gabriel G. Marcu.

Patent number 20100271362 involves a method and apparatus for providing high speed, low EMI switching circuits. The methods and apparatus include switching circuits that utilize two groups of parallel circuit traces, each of which is coupled to one end of a switching device. The two groups of traces are configured to be interleaved with each other such that no two traces from either group are next to any other traces from the same group. When the switching device is activated, current flows through the circuit and charges an energy storage element. When the switching device is deactivated, the energy storage element discharges a portion of its energy to a second energy storage element and to the driver circuits. In another embodiment, an additional circuit trace is provided which is only connected on one end and is free floating on the other end to capture the majority of EMI remaining that wa