ThinkMac Software Announces InstantGallery

Aberystwyth, Wales — Today we are excited to announce InstantGallery. As
the name suggests, InstantGallery is about creating galleries in an
instant. It’s a tool for quickly turning a folder full of images into web
gallery. It allows you to easily choose thumbnail and image sizes,
watermarking, themes, thumbnail cropping and more, all while your images
are processed in the background. You can also add photocasts to your
galleries so people can subscribe to them in iPhoto ’06 or their preferred
RSS reader.

Summary of features:

– Drag and drop gallery creation

Simply drag images, or folders of images onto InstantGallery and let it do
the rest.

– Simple personalization

InstantGallery lets you choose between a number of themes, layouts and
thumbnail sizes so you can get your gallery looking just the way you want
it. You can also easily rename images and add descriptions.

– Create photocasts

InstantGallery lets you add a photocast RSS feed to your gallery so people
can subscribe to it in iPhoto ’06 or their preferred RSS reader.

– Watermark your images

If you’re worried about people stealing your images you can have
InstantGallery stamp a message of your choosing on to each image and
gallery web page.

Pricing & availability

InstantGallery is shareware, priced at USD $15. Until registered
InstantGallery watermarks images with the text ‘unregistered’ but is
otherwise fully functional.


InstantGallery requires Mac OS X 10.4 or later and a G4 PowerPC or Intel Mac.

ThinkMac Software is an independent software developer based in the United
Kingdom, committed to bringing high quality, low cost software to Mac OS X.

ThinkMac Software