SageTV ( has released SageTV HD Theater 300 for US$149.95. It’s a networked media player that lets you enjoy virtually any home video, music or photo from your home network in Full HD on your HDTV.

You can also search, browse and play internet video from YouTube and many other popular online video services on the SageTV HD Theater 300. It supports the latest HD audio formats, including Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD/MA for bitstreaming to your HDMI 1.3 receiver as well as two channel decoding to provide full audio support on all TVs in your home.

Setup with the SageTV HD Theater 300 involves connecting it to your HDTV and connecting to your home network. If you don‘t have a home network near the TV, the optional USB wireless adapter ($29.95) can be used — or any USB storage will work as well. Any NAS with Mac or Windows compatible networking or UPnP can also be used with the SageTV HD Theater 300.

The SageTV HD Theater 300 can also work as a whole home HDTV DVR solution by running SageTV Media Center software on any Mac, PC or Linux computer with a HDTV Tuner on the home network. All the video, music and photos as well as TV Tuners and Internet video from the SageTV Media Center system are available when SageTV HD Theater 300 is used as a HD Media Extender.

An optional external IR receiver is $7.95. SageTV Media Center software, the DVR/Media Center software for Mac, Windows or Linux, costs $79.95. SageTV Placeshifter an add-on to SageTV Media Center allows live and recorded TV to be watched at home or anywhere over the internet, costs $29.95.