will be exhibiting its cloud technologies for FileMaker Hosting at the FileMaker Developer Conference 2010 in San Diego, California, Aug. 15-18 held at the Sheraton San Diego Hotel & Marina.

Among the various services being demonstrated at DevCon 2010 will be database hosting with FileMaker Server 11 Advanced. will demonstrate that its FileMaker hosting can be accessed many various ways, including traditional FileMaker Pro client, FileMaker Go on the iPhone/iPad, the app for FileMaker for Windows workgroups and the XenApp for FileMaker for Cross-Platform and Mobile workgroups, according to Karen Izbinski, director of marketing at

Among the techniques demonstrated will be the different ways to access your hosted FileMaker solution on various mobile devices with no additional programming required and the specific benefits of vApp and XenApp for FileMaker technologies with complete compatibility of client solution scripts and plug-ins, she adds. FileMaker Server 11 Advanced hosted solutions are available at various prices depending on configuration, from US$10/monthly per database to $20/monthly for vApp and $40/monthly for XenApp client technologies.”