RealNetworks has released a new Mac version of the RealProducer G2 and
RealProducer Plus G2 version 6.1. They are both immediately available at:

RealProducer G2 is free and RealProducer Plus G2 is available for $149.99.

RealProducer and RealProducer Plus are the leading applications for web
broadcasting RealAudio and RealVideo, on Mac, Windows and Linux platforms.
Using the RealProducer Plus G2 and a RealServer G2, authors broadcast on
the Internet to over 77 million RealPlayer users, by creating RealAudio and
RealVideo from multimedia formats such as Quicktime, AIFF, AVI, WAV and

Today’s release adds powerful capabilities to the Mac RealProducer G2 and
RealProducer Plus G2:

– Live recording of RealAudio and RealVideo to file
– Latest generation RealVideo codec with improved playback performance in
the RealPlayer G2
– Integration with search engines via an online database

The new release builds on the existing capabilities of RealProducer Plus G2
for Mac:
– Applescript support for batch encoding and automatic control of the
RealProducer Plus
– Surestream technology that mitigates “rebuffering” while playing RealAudio
and RealVideo
– Access to the largest audience by supporting RealPlayer 5.0 and RealPlayer
G2 codecs
– Built in ftp publishing
– Drag and drop batch encoding

There is also a Mac version of the RealPlayer G2, available from
( We’re excited about
offering these leading edge products to Macintosh users.