Here are the latest iPhone/iPod touch/iPod/iPad apps announced. You can find ’em at the Apple App Store (

Guitar Hero is now available for the first time on iPhone iPod touch. The US$2.99 game features all-new gameplay exclusively designed for the Apple devices. It sports tracks from such bands as Queen, Rise Against, The Rolling Stones, Vampire Weekend, Weezer and The White Stripes.  

Eltima Software has announced Promini 1.0, an $1.99 puzzle game for the iPhone and iPod touch. With it you build color cubes into minimum 2X2 figures of one color and watch the laser burn them forming new color figures and new challenges for you. The more complex figures you build, the more points you earn diving even deeper into the Promini world.

James Lupton has introduced i Give Up 1.0 for iPhone and iPod touch devices. It’s a $0.99 puzzle game where the objective is to turn off every light bulb on the screen in a shady alley wall. Each level gets progressively difficult.

The Electric Literature literary magazine has released an iPad edition, ElectricLit Free. It’s an enhanced video playback, a built-in audiobook, live readings by EL authors, full-color images, large-screen design, and interactive graphics, has been designed and developed from scratch by the publisher.

TV chef Ching-He Huang, Adduce Studios has served up Chinese Food In Minutes 1.0, a new iPhone cookbook app. Ching ($3.99) shows you how to create Huang’s healthy versions of Chinese classics at home, with 29 of the best recipes from the series, illustrated and with step-by-step instructions, plus videos of Ching cooking selected recipes.

The Saint Consulting Group, a global political land use consultancy, has released a free iPhone app to provide instant access to the latest news, analysis and commentary on real estate development permitting battles and strategy.

Chris Mayer has launched three complete Xcode projects: Basic Book App for the iPhone, Universal Basic Book App for the iPhone and iPad, and Advanced Book App for the iPhone. Specifically designed to help authors publish their books on iPhone and iPad devices, these projects are ready-made apps, just waiting for content to be loaded in HTML format. Pages can be created in any HTML editor. Three complete Xcode Projects made available to download for between $9-$27.

Intersog LLC has announced a new update to their iTunes business app, Pocket MBA. It’s a $2.99 business course for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad divided into three distinct sections: course, flashcards and tests.The full-text course book contains seven chapters that cover various facets of business management. New features added to Pocket MBA in the new version include an in-app search feature and several social networking options.

Vito Technology has released two special versions of Solar Walk and Star Walk for Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference. A feature has been added to Solar Walk: the Stereo Mode for viewing planets in 3D glasses. The Star Walk app has also been updated with several great additions like a new view of Picture of the Day, Bookmarks as well as Facebook and Twitter connect.

Mad Monkey Militia has announced SpiritPad: The Oracle 1.2 for iPad. It’s a $1.99 multiplayer game with a supernatural twist. has released Martial Points 1.0.2, an update of the $3.99 its martial arts pressure points app series for the iPhone and iPod touch. It allows the user to locate major pressure points (acupoints) commonly used in martial arts. Points are selected from either an anatomically accurate 3D human model or from the glossary list. The application provides vital information about each point and the possible effects of the point when struck.

Phantom Fish has unleashed Byline Free, a free version of the RSS news reader and offline web browser for the iPhone and iPod touch. Byline synchronizes up to 1,000 new items, starred items, notes, and folders with a free Google Reader account. Byline Free is supported by iPhone-specific ads from Fusion Ads’ new Touch network.

Visteon Corp. has unveiled a mobile application for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad that allows consumers to view traffic camera images captured within the previous minute. TrafficJamCam initially offers separate applications for viewing traffic in 17 major U.S. metropolitan areas: Atlanta; Boston; Chicago/Indiana; Charlotte, N.C.; Denver; Detroit; Jacksonville, Fla.; Las Vegas; Memphis, Tenn.; Minneapolis/St. Paul; New York City; Ohio/Northern Kentucky; Orlando, Fla.; Phoenix; Riverside, Calif.; Seattle; and Washington, D.C. Each application sells for $2.99.

Visual Generation has rolled out The Twiggles Free 1.2, their free version of The Twiggles for theiPhone and iPod touch. Here’s how the game is described: “Twiggles are little blue creatures that are lost in a strange world. To help them find their way back home, the player has to build bridges, dig tunnels, place trampolines and blow up obstacles. The player can always turn back time if something didn’t work out, helping them manipulate time to solve the puzzles.” The free version includes the first six levels of the game. has introduced Layers 2.2 for the iPhone and iPod touch. It’s an update of the $4.99 painting tool that allows you to draw on multiple layers. Version 2.2 incorporates several new features developed for the iPad version, including per-layer transparency controls, adjustable brush tip offset and five new brushes.

MeYuMe has unleashed Invaders World Tour to 2.0, a $0.99 mashup of retro arcade games the iPhone and iPod touch. Reminiscent of such classics as Space Invaders and Galaga, players must shoot and destroy formations of attacking aliens who drop bombs and fire missiles as they descend to Earth. Version 2.0 includes global leader boards, enhanced graphics, sub-games, new special effects and more improvements.

Houdah Software has rolled out ACTPrinter 2.0 for the iPad, iPhone and iPod It’s a $0.99 app which takes the paper out of electronic tickets, boarding passes, and more. With ACTPrinter all your documents travel with you on your Apple device.