Kennesaw, GA – 8/28/2002 – Byrd Soft announces The Serial Keeper 3.0

Byrd Soft is pleased to announce the newest version of it’s serial number
storage program, “The Serial Keeper 3.0”. The Serial Keeper is a program to
save serial numbers and information about those numbers.

The Serial Keeper 3.0 brings many improvements to one of the first serial
number programs. The first major difference in The Serial Keeper 3.0 is
that it is now shareware ($10 US). One of the major improvements was
changing the old Software List to be the main window and the information
window as a secondary window, simplifying the interface.. Another major
improvement is the implementation of a “Developer Database”. The Developer
Database is a list where users can enter software developer information
once and assign that developer to all the software the user has from that
developer. Another improvement is the “Serials List” where users can now
store a unlimited number of serial numbers for a software title in only one
entry. No more having duplicate entries for the same software title!

You can get more information about The Serial Keeper at:


You can download The Serial Keeper 3.0 at:


About Byrd Soft

Byrd Soft was formed in 1998 by Steven Byrd. Byrd Soft develops information
keeping software and from time to time does freelance custom programs.

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